Note: AMUST weekly Newsletter dated Friday 13 September used an incorrect headline “Evidence Muslims discovered Australia 1,000 years ago” was used. Several of our readers pointed out the usage of the word “discovered” that was promptly removed from the online article with apologies. One of the messages is published below with permission.

Dear Editor,

Thank you for the interesting article on Muslim contact with First Nations people in the recent issue of AMUST. I found it particularly fascinating to learn more about Australia’s rich history.
However, the use of the word ‘discovered’ both in the title and further in the article is offensive, and simply incorrect, given that First Nations people have been the custodians of this land for over 60,000 years.
Here is an interesting article by Stan Grant on why the term ‘discovered’ is damaging when talking about non-Indigenous contact with Australia.
I believe it is imperative that in promoting our country’s diverse cultures we must not be complicit in furthering the myths perpetuated by white Australia and colonisation. Our aims cannot be at odds with recognition of First Nations and their sovereignty of this land which was never ceded.
In solidarity,
Alexandra Long

Executive Officer, Multicultural Youth Affairs Network NSW