Human Appeal Australia hosted their ‘Eid Show Got Talent’ on Saturday 17 August 2019.

There were around 30 performers this year showcasing their amazing skills and talents in singing, Quran recitation, poetry, martial arts and other performances. Every act brought something unique and showcased the wide variety of talent we have in our communities.

The Eid Show Got Talent Segment, allows children from within the community, to have the opportunity to present their talents on the main stage at the event every year. The talent show is important as it allows contestants to express themselves through a community platform and lets them connect with a wider audience.

Some contestants may have never had an opportunity to perform at such a major event. Most may perform at places such as their local school, but not at a large public forum such as the Eid Show, at the Bankstown Showground.

“The Eid Show and Human Appeal Australia are proud to host this exciting segment every year, ” said Hanna El-Zahab, AIES team leader.

Alongside hosting such an exciting segment of the event, the Human Appeal Australia stall, with the help of the astounding volunteers, was one of the main attractions at the Eid show, showcasing outstanding lights and spectacular balloon display all around the stall.

With heart-warming hugs and the happiness of the children, the Orphan Hamoudi, the Human Appeal mascot was indeed loved by all children and community members.

Omar Abdulwahed from Georges Hall and Sarah Chowdhury from Lakemba received the Highly Commended awards. They performed a nasheed and recited  Quran with much passion and joy and stole the hearts of the audience.


Mohammad Shokrany awarding Mariam Nagi, laptop draw winner.

Six-years-old Mariam Nagi from Greenacre was declared on stage as the winner of a brand new laptop.

The Eid Show Got Talent has been a staple of the festival for many years now and every year we see some bright shining future stars performing on the stage.

On behalf of Human Appeal Australia and Sounds of Light Talent Quest Team, we extend our congratulations to all children who performed at the Eid Show Got Talent.