The Kavi Darbar 2019 Mushayra program was held hosted by film producer Mohammad Shamim Khan’s organisation, MSK Events, in the Strathfield Town Hall on Sunday 18 August.

This program has been held annually since 2017 where on one hand, poets based both locally and abroad are given a chance to exhibit their talents while other artists are also recognised for their contribution to a number of fields with awards.

Under the chairship of chief guest Mohammad Iqbal Choudhry, this year the stage was hosted by Aparna Vats and Jyotsna Jyoti in their own unique style.

The main attraction of the program was renowned poet Nadeem Shaad from India while the rest of the talent included Mohammad Jafar Khan,  Mohammad Amzad Khan, Farida Lakhani, Jafar Siddiqi, and Rupinder “Soz” for Punjabi.

Renowned novelist Sanjay Agnihotri presented a self-written song and garnered surprise with his poetic talent.

Besides the son of Dr Kunwar Bechain, Prageet Kunwar, his daughter-in-law Dr Bhavna Kunwar many others graced the occasion like Manju Mittal, Vijay Kumar Singh, Jyotsna Jyoti and Aparna Vats, Yashmin “Solomon” from Canberra, Somanayar “Som” from Brisbane and Neetu Singh.

Mrs Farida Lakhani with Mr Shamim Khan.

The Kavi Darbar and Mushayra committee recognise Australians who have offered a valuable contribution to the Indian languages through the medium of poetry by giving them Ratna awards.

This year’s Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Mrs Aasha Sharma, the Hindi Ratna was presented to Dr Bhavna Kunwar by Mrs Mala Mehta, the Urdu Ratna was presented to Mrs Farida Lakhani by F Khan, and the Punjabi Ratna was presented to Rupinder “Soz” by Muhammad Iqbal Choudhry.

From left, Mr Shamim Khan, Dr Bhavna Kunwar, Mrs Mala Mehta.

In the men’s category, the Best Theatre Achiever Award was presented to actor Shahnawaz Khan by Mrs Mala Mehta and in the women’s category the award was presented to actress Jyotsna Sharma by ex-councillor of Hornsby, Gurdeep Singh.

In his address, the organiser of the program, film producer Mohammad Shamim Khan announced the founding of MSK Theatre Company, aimed at promoting the stage, particularly independent stage productions, both nationally and internationally.