Bayt Al-Zakat Australia is a non-profit  organisation that works towards the relief of poverty throughout the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

The board members of Bayt Al-Zakat are all Australian Muslims who dedicate their free time as volunteers in investing and developing infrastructure for social progress of Muslims in Australia as well as overseas through a number of projects:

  • Orphan Sponsorship Program: It is a joined program where Bayt Al-Zakat Australia collects defined sponsorship donations from sponsors and forwards them to Bayt Al-Zakat in Lebanon who provide sponsored orphans, and their guardians, financial, educational and medical support. Bayt Al-Zakat in 2018 a program to financially help the disadvantaged families of elderly and widows.

  • “Adahi” Program: Bayt Al-Zakat launched the Adahi project in 1998 where during the festival of Eid al Adha defined donations from participants are used for the slaughtering of sheep at licensed abattoirs and arrangements for the freezing, packaging and transport of frozen meats to Asian and African countries and to Lebanon. Bayt Al-Zakat in Lebanon distributes frozen meats to poor and needy persons.

  • Food Parcels Program: This program is run during the fasting month of Ramadan collecting donations to send food parcels to the poor, orphans and needy in Middle East, Asia and Africa.

For the above 3 projects, Bayt Al-Zakat deducts a small percentage of the collected donations to cover its operational costs.

HSC Awards Night: In January, each year and for the last 22 years Bayt Al-Zakat Australia organises a major community event to present awards to High Achievers in the NSW HSC gaining greater than 90 ATAR.

Bayt Al-Zakat Australia acknowledges the integral role education plays in strengthening our community and empowering our youth.

Bayt Al-Zakat Australia funds this activity with sponsorships from local sponsors.