Dear Zia

I have enjoyed reading the July issue of AMUST, I read carefully and will read August in a day or two.

Overall, the standard of writing is often better than some pieces in the Sydney Morning Herald (SMH). I suppose those writers have less time to finish.

In AMUST there are refreshingly few adverts and these are relevant to the main readership. There are a good number of photos and these are not all of the Celebrities but of good, ordinary people. Plenty of interesting articles that this regular SMH reader had not seen there.

Faith leaders combine against Coal; Victoria’s Premier and Ministers at Iftar dinner. Your article on death after the torture of the former Egyptian President Morsi was very sad.

Most interesting is your article about visiting Negash in Tigre Province, Ethiopia, and the first mosque [that the Saudis may not agree about]. Zia has always been a great traveller.

I agree with the articles about Trump, Iran and Folau and with Dr Jalaluddin that if luxury cars are to be extra taxed so should private jets and giant yachts.

I have now read and been informed by the August issue.

In general, the reader of AMUST is spared everything having to be expressed as money value or cost. The values in this Newspaper AMUST seem to be about culture and ethics.

The article about anxiety is not about how many $100,000s it costs the country, but about a professor washing the feet of a poor man!

I noticed Muslim support for Aborigines and for Jewish people. On p 24, problems for Muslims in India, 2nd largest religious community in the country, but very little say in running the country.

Since that was written, now a very serious change in “Indian controlled” Kashmir.

In your visit to Kenya, you missed the huge slums in Nairobi.

Best wishes

Stewart Truswell AO

Emeritus professor of Nutrition

The University of Sydney