Al Amanah College is a non-selective co-educational, Islamic faith-based School, operating in two campuses, Bankstown (K-6) and Liverpool (K-12). The School is committed to pursuing academic excellence and the fostering of individual abilities in a caring and competitive educational environment. The College motto ‘Success Through Knowledge’ has a powerful and continuing message for the school’s community to achieve success by acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills.

Al Amanah College has developed quite rapidly during the past few years having a major impact on the Australian Muslim community. Al Amanah College provides a comprehensive teaching program that caters for a substantially large Muslim community.

Al Amanah College seeks to outsource the teaching of Islamic and Qur’anic studies to a reputable specialist service provider in Islamic Education. Teaching shall be in accordance with the Sunni belief following Imam Abu al Hassan Al Ash^ariyy and Abu Mansour al Maturidiyy, interpretation and methodology, and in accordance with Imam Al Shafi^iyy School of Islamic Jurisprudence.

The following services and personnel are required:

  1. Trained Imams and qualified teachers to deliver the following curriculum
    1. Qur’anic Recitation
    2. Islamic Creed and Jurisprudence
  2. Welfare services
  3. On-going professional development and training
  4. Islamic Curriculum review and update
  5. Trained and qualified relief teachers

Service provider must submit a detailed portfolio about the organisation, the Curriculum Vitae of all teachers including working with children check, police check and other relevant documentation as requested.

Imams and teachers must hold a child protection training certificate and a suitable training qualification from a reputable Islamic University such as Al-Azhar University.

Al Amanah College will interview all teachers including those applying for relief duties in the presence of the provider representative prior to signing any agreement.

Interested service providers shall make a written submission for providing educational services in the 2020 school calendar year by C.O.B 30 August 2019. Only organisations that meet the proper criteria will be contacted for an initial interview.

For further information, contact the school’s Head Principal, via the following email address: