With growing concerns of health and the race to tackle a never-ending list of problems, an individual seeks every possible solution or remedy to scrape the ailment right from its root. Studies on Australia’s most common dental health problems over a period of time have concluded that decay from dental caries to be the most prevalent ailment in various age groups with tooth decay being five times more common in children than asthma. The second in the line being Halitosis (Bad/Foul Breath).

Teeth Decay

Research show decay is the second-most costly disease linked to diet, with approximately 11 million newly decaying teeth arising every year. According to the Australian Dental Association (ADA), what makes this particularly concerning is that 90 percent of problems with teeth can be prevented, with a healthy diet, good oral practices and proper dental care, there should be no reason why people need to suffer tooth decay, which can eventually become painful, unsightly and in worst-case scenarios, irreversible.

The prevalence of decay is seen in varied age groups. In the age group of 6-9 years, almost 9 in 10 children had tooth decay, while incidences of decay were maximized at the age of 5 years. In a teenager, the maximum incidences of decay were reported at 15 years. It’s found 90 percent of adults have some form of tooth decay, and risky alcohol consumption and smoking habits are contributing to poor oral health. Also, about one-quarter of teens had not had a dental check-up in the past 12 months and 15.5 percent of adults had severe tooth loss, which means they had fewer than 21 teeth, rather than a full complement of 32 teeth.

Bad Breath

Research shows that bad breath or rotting teeth to be the most repellent characteristic in another person on a first meet, soundly beating other unsavoury features such as bad body odour (five percent) and poor dress sense (four percent).

Remedy for Decay

Reduction in consumption of sugary foods and beverages between meals is a good start. It is also possible to reduce the damage soft drinks cause by using a straw so that teeth are less exposed to acid.

Encouraging youngsters for alternative snacks – such as cheese and yoghurt – both of which contain lots of calcium to protect teeth and neutralize acids.

A healthy diet alone won’t be enough to fight off tooth decay though, the ADA warned, with maintaining a structured oral hygiene routine also being vital. Teeth should be brushed twice a day, while daily flossing is also required.

Simple Rule – Brush Your Teeth minimum 2 Minutes Twice Daily


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