Christchurch Muslim community has been presented with a cheque of over $1 million by a number of Jewish communities. 

Demonstrating that religion is no barrier, a Jewish delegation from around the world was warmly welcomed on the 17th of July by New Zealand’s Muslim community.

Known as the ‘Abrahamic fund’, the generosity fund was collected from Jewish communities from the US, Sydney and New Zealand to Mayor of Christchurch Liane Daziel to be distributed to victims of the Christchurch attack.

Before the ceremony, a delegation of Jewish and Muslim leaders visited the Christchurch synagogue and the two mosques which were attacked on March 15.

Vic Alhadeff presents the NSW cheque to Liane Daziel, Mayor of Christchurch for victims of the Christchurch attack. Photo: Neil MacBeth.


Just four months after the Christchurch massacre, an Australian Jewish delegation has joined others in visiting the mosques where 51 Muslim worshippers lost their lives.

NSW Jewish Board of Deputies’ CEO Vic Alhadeff expressed his desire to support the Muslim community. 

“I wanted to come on behalf of the Jewish Board of Deputies to physically stand here and say we did this because we cared. That’s why I wanted to come here and have a symbolic presence to show that we are all members of one humanity.”

The visits saw prominent members from the Muslims and Jewish community realise just how many similarities are shared as part of the three Abrahamic faiths. Indeed, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all share monotheism and regard Abraham as their spiritual “father” alongside various other religious rituals.  

Alhadeff went further to express his solidarity with the Christchurch victims. 

“An attack on one (faith) is an attack on us all,” expressed, a heartfelt Alhadeff. 

New Zealand’s Federation of Islamic Associations Sheikh Ibrar Sheikh said support from the global Jewish community sent a powerful message of unity.

“To know that our Jewish brothers and sisters understand what we have gone through, and are still going through, and are there to help us in our recovery is very important to us,” said Sheikh Ibrar.

The funds are expected to go towards ongoing education, counselling and health care for the families affected.