The Islamic Schools Association of Australia (ISAA) held their state conference for NSW on Saturday 22 June 2019 at Western Grammar School (WGS) in Plumpton.

The conference with the theme ‘Sharing Educational Expertise among Islamic Schools’ was attended by eight schools from all over Sydney together with presentations by invited speakers.

Mr Irfan Afzal, Principal of WGS welcomed the delegates and the speakers to the school premises and talked about the humble beginnings of the School now boasting more than 300 students and ever-expanding building plans with the completion of stage 2.

Ms Cathy Lovall (AISNSW Director, School Services) gave almost an hour long extensive presentation on new governance policies and procedures relating to employment contracts, child protection and new models of school funding.

Delegates also heard from AusRelief and their overseas service learning opportunities in Cambodia including the experiences of Unity Grammar, the only school currently in the program.

Mr Sam Halbouni, Principal of Arkana College and Director of Together For Humanity elaborated on programs of the organization in promoting inclusion and respect through interfaith/intercultural programs between schools.

The delegates were also able to discuss a variety of other matters including security at schools, inter-school debating, sports programs, teacher exchanges and joint professional development.

In conclusion, ISAA Vice Chairman Mr Osman Karolia described the day as “highly productive as collaboration and communication will only make the Islamic sector stronger and provide increased opportunities to students and staff of that sector”.

The ISAA national conference will be held in Perth in September 2019.