The Islamic Community Academic Network (ICAN), organised a late Eid Brunch for Muslim Academics and research students across Sydney on Saturday 6 July 2019 hosted in collaboration with Western Sydney University and Charles Sturt University at the CBD Parramatta campus.

The program at the event highlighted the three pillars of ICAN- interdisciplinary collaboration, mentoring/support in every stage of academic career and celebration of ICAN members’ achievements.

In her keynote address, Dr Aila Khan of Western Sydney University, senior lecturer at Western Sydney University School of Business underlined the importance of collaboration, mentioning the fact that even the prolific scientist and genius, Albert Einstein, succeeded through collaboration.

The second highlight of the keynote was the need for lifelong mentors in every stage of one’s academic career. Dr Khan suggested that academics should strongly consider creating a ‘Personal Advisory Board’.

Dr Omar Mubin of Western Sydney University introduced Pepper, the humanoid robot and its interactive capabilities to the audience. Pepper conversed with some attendees while Nao, another robot used in language teaching at schools, performed a dance to demonstrate its flexibility and range of motion.

As the founder of ICAN, Dr Iner introduced the scope and goals of ICAN and invited the attendees to nominate themselves to take part in the steering committee of ICAN. Dr Iner suggested even representation of each Sydney-based university in the steering committee.

While nibbling the delicious dishes, academics from diverse fields met and exchanged business cards.

The attendees enjoyed the opportunity to connect with their fellow academics from different fields and universities in the well-organised and cozy environment.

The organisers announced that next ICAN Eid brunch will be held in late August.

ICAN is an independent platform bringing together Muslim academics from diverse disciplines and universities across Australia, inclusive of all ethnicities, cultures, as well as political, philosophical and religious worldviews.

Australian Muslim academics are welcome to subscribe for ICAN membership via the ICAN website: and ICAN Facebook