Hena Jawaid, a psychiatrist with an Islamic background and a follower of sufism spoke at the faith story at the Women Federation of World Peace event this year.

She talked about the essence of her faith and it’s influence on her life adversities. She described her psych-emotional journey and the way mystical side of religious teachings have supported her.

During the hours of suffering and deprivation, she upheld her faith as the cornerstone of courage and perseverance.  She mentioned faith as a unit of love which became the source of energy, passion and motivation for her.

Hena is an ardent reader of theology and history. She has learned a lot from the mystical side of faith via the school of Sufism. This has enabled her to identify people from all faith as unified body of global citizens with different perspectives.

She highlighted that Sufism nurtures tolerance, patience and amicability in a human soul and thus she feels so. She further added that God’s nature is absolute and all faiths tend to lead to self-actualization.  

She quoted prominent sufis such as Ibn-e-Arabi, Rumi, Attar and Bulleh Shah in her narration. She finds peace and solace in her faith and according to her it kept her going during odds of life.

The emblem of love and compassion for Hena is a life of Prophet Mohammad (s). She feels prayers are self-disciplinary actions. The true nature of worship is to show love, care and humility towards each other.