Moving Forward Together has been established with the vision of not dwelling on the past, leaving the baggage behind, as much as possible and looking forward towards a positive future.

When we look at the situation globally, we may even have gone backward.

The United Nations concept as good as the intentions were, have failed to stem the flow of self-interest, power grab, and voted on party line or alliances. Syria and Libya being prime examples.

Only the Humanitarian aid that they organise and give countries a window to meet and talk, justifies their existence. Having 65 Million refugees in the world is a very poor advertisement for their efforts.

There are conflicts and little wars all over the continents. The media sensationalise these, focuses very little on the positives. Some self-interests benefit from the negatives instead of looking at the benefits of peace and harmony.

Let us consider the costs of security and rebuilding – all this could be channelled to remedies, the disenfranchised, sick and needy.

Our optimistic outlook is that most people are decent law-abiding citizens and deserve to a fair go – and believe that light will gradually overcome darkness has paid off. With a small team of dedicated volunteers, we managed to promote the positives, kindness and consideration we are working on and the belief that we can breach the gap.

Our harmony day Poster and Song Writing Competitions reached new heights in 2019.

The topic of “Harmony It’s Up to Us” was very well-identified by the school students in their presentations. We have great talent out there. It made our efforts all the more and fulfilling.

Our Harmony Walks held in Blacktown and Merrylands reached local and broader communities.

Hundreds of people from Blacktown and other parts of Sydney turned out for the colourful Moving Forward Together Festival Celebrating International Mother Language Day and the Harmony Walk.

This was followed by the Harmony Day Harmony Walk with school students held in Merrylands.

Currently, we are planning for August a Walk that will be incorporated into the cultural diversity at the Macarthur Multicultural Children’s Festival

Our Vice-Regal Patronage was confirmed by the new Governor, Her Excellency, Margaret Beazley.

We know we have a long way to go in our task to make people realise the benefit and need “that kindness, consideration for others, love compassion and harmony will bring to our planet, nationally and well as globally”