Later this morning, after reading today‘s Saturday Paper (June 29th-July 6th), and the cellophane wrapping has many uses in the kitchen, I will join others to commemorate a long-running catastrophe, the so-called NT ‘intervention’, or, more accurately, reinvasion. And to celebrate the resistance to it among First Nations people.
It does not surprise me that Dutton lies constantly: ‘No truth in Dutton’s medivac rhetoric.’ He is like the people that my father left Europe to get away from. Except they spoke German, as did my father. They have a special word in Germany for deceptions designed to maintain power: ‘Schweinerei’… pig-work. My apologies for demeaning pigs in this way.
This, what you do, is the real value of journalism; highlighting the abuse of power, not just retailing the lies that politicians have come up with. The next step is for us to act as concerned citizens, in association with each other. As with many groups around Australia, against the holding of hostages on Manus and Nauru, and other human rights violations, we meet every Friday 5pm, at the Queen Victoria statue, in front of the QVB, in Sydney. We are not hens in a battery hen farm, and we are not members of a penal colony. Then we have coffee or tea and sign letters, and as friends and citizens think of what next to do to help Behrouz Boochani and those he stands in solidarity with. This is a shout-out to the other groups, also to #Sail4Justice.
Yours sincerely,
Stephen Langford OT