To be honest, I was not happy that England was declared the winners of the Cricket World Cup 2019, but the truth is that England deserved to be the champs as much as New Zealand while both teams put in hard work for four years with mental and physical training.

Although England won the cup, New Zealand was not beaten in that cricket final.

At the end of the day, teams that worked hard made the finals and the teams relied upon prayers and luck alone missed out.

The English captain (ironically an Irishman), Eoin Morgan confessed that Allah was with the English cricket team on Sunday 14 July 2019 during the final.

Yes, indeed Allah was with them because they had prepared hard both mentally and physically before embarking on to the journey to lifting the world cup.

Being of Pakistani origins, as much as I wanted Pakistan to lift the trophy, somewhere in my heart I knew from day one that only prayers and luck will not work as this is against Allah’s Sunnah.

The odds were never in Pakistan’s favour from day one, their preparation compared to other teams, experience and approach were less if not least compared to the final four teams at the top.

Allah revealed this in the Quran, “Man will not get anything unless he works hard (Surah al-Najm, 53:39)

A number of Hadith can be quoted regarding this matter:

  • The best (most pure) food that a man eats is that which he has earned himself. (Sunan ibn Majah Vol #3, Hadith #2137).
  • No doubt, it is better for a person to take a rope and proceed in the morning to the mountains and cut the wood and then sell it and eat from this income and give alms from it than to ask others for something. (Bukhari Vol #2, Hadith#491)/

Islam discourages sloth behavior and there is no doubt about the fact that a man or a nation cannot make any progress without efforts and hard work.

Islam relays examples from Prophet Dawood (a), Prophet Zakaria (a)  as well as Prophet Mohammad (s) for hard work and ownership of themselves and wellbeing of the wider community thus not relying on charity.

As we say in the corporate world that prepare for the best but plan for the worst and Prophet Mohammad (s) taught this 1400 years ago to work hard, then pray hard and then leave the results up to Allah and accept the results as a decree.