Last month I had the honour and privilege to be invited to AMUST’s Awards Night and Gala Dinner to celebrate and receive an award on Sat 20 July in Sydney.

As a proud writer in the AMUST team for almost a year, I already know that AMUST prides itself on quality journalism and content, giving the people a voice without needing to fit a certain mold.

So seeing these values represented and celebrated in an insightful yet joyous occasion was truly a one-of-a-kind experience for me.

It was inspiring to be in attendance for an event for a non-for-profit organisation celebrating and appreciating every person involved in producing the content on the monthly publication.

The program for the night included wonderful inclusive speeches from the high calibre of influential professionals and political figures, high-energy musical and cultural performances, delightful three-course meals offered for guests and award presentations in various categories.

I received an outstanding volunteer support for my writing, which I am proud and humbled to be presented with. The gifts for guests were also very thoughtful – apart from the other wonderful bits and bobs in the gift bag, it’s like they know I have an obsession with keep-cups!

As an interstate guest,  I was made to feel very welcomed in the provided accommodation at a spacious, relaxing upmarket apartment in Lakemba near Bankstown, the event’s location, for the night.

I was able to  squeeze in some sightseeing and exploring around Sydney during the day and enjoyed lunch at what seems to be a Malaysian favourite (a perk of being bilingual is that you know whenever and wherever there are Malaysians, at all times!), at It’s Time for Thai on George Street.

While the stay was short, it was a jam-packed, enjoyable 24 hours interstate. The very next day I was up early to catch my morning flight back to Brisbane.

I wish I had some more exciting stories to tell you about how my weekend finished, but on Sunday I started doing some readings for work to prepare for the big week ahead.

Thank you so much AMUST for the experience!