Its time to celebrate.

Seena Incorporated, the producers of AMUST is organising the AMUST Awards Night and Gala Dinner in Sydney on Saturday 20 July 2019 celebrating 5 years of Muslim media with the Australasian Muslim Times AMUST reaching a milestone with its news platform by recognising people who have contributed to this success story.

The Awards Night and Gala Dinner will be attended by AMUST team members including producers, writers, distributors and advertisers as well as community and interfaith leaders, politicians, government officials and other members of our diverse community.

With its publication of Issue#163 June 2019, AMUST completed five years of a success story.

Restarting AMUST as an English full colour newspaper in July 2014, it has maintained the momentum by producing the monthly print edition every month and on time for the last five years without a break.

In addition, AMUST has been producing regular Email Newsletters, now on a weekly basis every Friday for more than a year.

Its time to celebrate and also to say Thank You.

Thank you to our highly efficient AMUST core production team of editors, graphic designers and proofreaders for their continuous voluntary dedication to work non stop in bringing out a professional quality publication on a regular basis with an excellent track record.

Thank you to our regular columnists who keep writing their columns month after month always meeting the deadlines.

Thank you to our large team of writers from all over Australia who upload their write-ups , community news, views, reports, poems and ideas and give us the right to edit appropriately.

Thank you to volunteers especially school and university students who come every month helping with the packing and posting of AMUST copies individually and in bulk.

Thank you to our dedicated network of distributors via business premises, offices and by hand at Friday Juma prayers all over Australia.

Thank you to our advertisers who have partnered with us for mutual benefits and in support of Muslim Media.

Thank you to our subscribers, readers and those who buy AMUST at newsagents thereby increasing our readership.

Thank you to our printers and newsagent distributors for a highly efficient and friendly service.

Thank you to other partners in Muslim media who are complimenting our work in various different ways.

And finally, thanks are to Allah for providing us the opportunity in to live and work in this land down under that we call home, Australia, where we can express ourselves with full freedom without fear or favour.

During the last five years AMUST has established itself as a multicultural multimedia platform run by Seena Incorporated, a not for profit organisation producing a monthly newspaper in print as well as digital e-Newspaper, a weekly Email Newsletter, a dynamic frequently refreshed website and presence on major social media platforms in order to disseminate positive community news about our Australian Multicultural community.

AMUST fulfills the human right to information for all by providing facts with truthfulness and accuracy and uphold freedom of expression with responsibility.

Young people in our community are provided with the opportunity to express their ideas and opinions on current affairs, share their grievances and contribute towards building a peaceful and harmonious society.

While mainstream media largely highlights negative news of wars, conflicts, crimes and assaults, AMUST has turned the idea of news on its head by providing the good news, positive aspects of community life and highlighting all the good works that people do.

AMUST brings various sections of the community together by highlighting their achievements in order to bring about appreciation and cooperation between our multifaith and multicultural community.

Come and join the celebration and thanksgiving on Saturday 20 July 2019.