The Australian Federation of Islamic Councils (AFIC) also known as Muslims Australia held its 55th Annual Congress Dinner on Saturday 22 June 2019 at the Stamford Hotel Sydney Airport.

This event was attended by delegates from member councils and societies from all over Australia and leading religious and community Leaders, scholars, politicians and diplomats.

In addition to the President of AFIC, Dr Rateb Jneid, a number of speakers addressed the gathering including Federal Minister of Immigration Hon David Coleman, Shadow Federal Minister Hon Tony Burke, Member of Lakemba Hon Jihad Dib, Member of Auburn Hon Lynda Jane Voltz, Ambassador of Palestine Izzat Abdul Hadi and President of ANIC, Sheikh Shady Alsuleiman.

Dr Jneid presented a report of AFIC at the 55th Congress saying that AFIC has made tremendous progress during the last two years successfully meeting challenges that it had encountered during the last few years.

“My Executive Committee and I, who took on our positions two yrs ago, have been focused heavily on finalising and clearing all the historical issues that we faced when we came into office,” Dr Jneid pointed out.

He further clarified, “This has obviously covered all of the school issues, including the MFIS dispute, financial matters and the governance concerns raised by the ACNC. All I want to say on those points is that by the Grace of Allah all of those issues are now resolved and behind us.”

According to him, AFIC has managed to succeed on the following fronts:

• All court cases, including with MFIS, have been completely resolved and closed.
• AFIC has a financial plan, approved by the bank, that will see AFIC debt free in under 5 years – AFIC paid $1.4M of its debt during the last 12 months.
• The ACNC has formally written to AFIC advising that they are satisfied with our new governance processes and systems and have given us a clean bill of health.

“It is now time to turn our faces forward. While we must keep the past in mind, to make sure we do not allow that to happen again, we now need to focus on the future and look to implement those plans and strategies that our community needs,” Dr Jneid concluded.

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