A heart-warming event was held on Saturday 1 June showcasing a multicultural strong community  for a special Ramadan Ifthar was organised by World Malayalee Council Sydney Chapter in collaboration with Australian-Indian Associations, Sydney and friends of Australian Communities at the prestigious S P Jain School of Global Management, Sydney Campus.

The event was attended by nearly 140 multicultural community members, several community business leaders, senior trade and business council officials, professionals and their families; this event being coordinated by Irfan Malik representing the World Malayalee Council Global Executive and Babu Varghese, President of the World Malayalee Council, Sydney Chapter and supported by strong mutli-cultural community leadership team and community members.

The program kicked-off with breaking of fast, community prayers and “meet and greet” for the community members to express their solidarity and support for each other and this noble cause. A special melodious rendering of Quranic verse of “Surah Fatiha” in English was presented by a group young kids that was able showcase the passion of these kids in their faith and expression of sharing the love and peace in this holy month of Ramadhan.

The organisers’ representatives, Irfan Malik and Babu Varghese kicked-off the formal session of the event with an introduction of the proceedings and the intent of this august gathering along with a welcome of all the distinguished guests and members of the community. The objective of the event was to bring the communities together, share this special occasion on this holy month of Ramadan, sharing a meal, reflecting the message of Islam for the whole humanity with reach-out for peace, spiritual connection and a drive for charity.

The impact of young muslims as part of the core Australian multicultural fabric was reinforced by a passionate reflection by Ms Nurah Malik, a primary school student, highlighting the importance of Ramadan, community coming together for this iftar and the acknowledgement of strong support and encouragement received by these young kids from the broader Australian community including at their respective schools.

Indeed, this powerful and impactful presentation was well received and appreciated by the broader community leaders and all the attendees, driving one of the outcomes of this event, creating awareness of the Islamic cause for peace and community bonding. This was followed by another inspiring presentation by a high school young student – Ms Ayesha Faizal who spoke about the importance of Islamic values, being steadfast and patient and coming together for a common cause even at the School level.

Truly, we could see emerging leadership talent from the young Muslim kids group ready to champion the multicultural communal harmony cause for the future of Australia.

This event was blessed with the presence of leading distinguished guests that included, Sheikh Mosaad Issa, the Imam of Parramatta Mosque, Zarak Khan, Fiji-Consul General & Trade Commissioner, Barbara Ward, President NSW Australia-India Business Council, Cr.Sameer Pandey, Councillor-Parramatta City Council, Cr Susai Benjamin, Councillor-Blacktown City Council, Abbas Alvi, President of ICSOA, Vish Viswanathan, Past President- United Indian Associations (UIA) and the Editor – The Indian Telegraph, K.P Jose, President Sydney Malayalee Association, Abbas Chelat, Vice Chairman, Australian Islamic College of Sydney and several other leading community members.

There was an interactive session engaging the audience to share their own reflection of Ramadan. Several community members appreciated their experience of multicultural community collaboration in action at the event.

Mr Abbas Chelat presented the Vote of Thanks and expressed his gratitude to all in the community who came together to be a part of this special event and sought continued support for future events of similar causes.


Irfan Malik concluded the session encouraging the attendees to reflect on the spirit of Ramadan and Multicultural values that we are blessed to celebrate in Australia together and strongly expressed the intent to continue this tradition in the future with more of these multicultural events organised collectively.

A scrumptious Ifthar Dinner was then offered to the attendees to share a meal together and also build on the community bonding.

The event was able to convey key messages and take-outs of “Selfless service, forgiveness, charity, Mutual respect and working for community harmony” as recognised by all who attended this special event.