The Australian Malayali Islamic Association organised an Eid-Ul-Fitr program on 8 June 2019 focusing on mirroring their native culture here in Australia.

What is AMIA?

AMIA is Australian Malayali Islamic Association. Catering for social and cultural need of Malayali community in Sydney and NSW. Beyond the community and cultural program like Iftaaar, Eid celebration there is charity where we collect Zakat Fitr, organise sadqa donation event for local and overseas causes. We are also looking after Islamic values by running madrasa and local language Malayalam. Malayalam classes and Madrasa occurs every Sunday.

Who are the movers and shakers?

AMIA is made up of Shura which looks after operation and other activities. Few key mentions:

  • President: Hashim
  • Vice President: Ali Parapil
  • Secretary: Fasil

What are the events which are organised throughout event?

EID celebration, weekend Madrasa, kids development activities, social event conducted such as Parramatta parliament house. Upcoming year’s calendar will be published after shura has meet and planned the event for the new calendar year soon.