The time we spend using public transport getting to school, uni or work can really add up and may seem like a waste of your time, but using your public transport time efficiently in a smart way can be highly beneficial.

Writing & Reading Notes

I do this very often whilst using public transport and therefore am a great advocate for this routine. Using Google Docs Offline, I have my notes synced across my tablet, laptop & computer, meaning that I can read and access my notes at anytime. You don’t have to use a fancy app like Google Docs or OneNote to go over your notes during your commute – there is nothing stopping you from reading your exercise book or textbook to help refresh concepts or to read ahead.

Take Time Out

Sometimes we just need some time to relax. Take the time to read a book, play a game or talk to friends online. You will find that you are more relaxed and not flustered when you arrive at your destination. Though this will help you relax, avoid doing this too much, as it can become counter-productive. Overdoing this can eventually become an inefficient use of your time.

Take a Nap

Who doesn’t love a few extra minutes of sleep? Maybe you’ve had a tough day, or have gotten up too early. A nap can fix that. Just remember to set an alarm to go off before you arrive at your stop so that you don’t miss it. Just be warned that this can become counterproductive, as it may make you drowsy.

Read or Watch Concepts you are Learning

It’s amazing how much information is out there on the internet. Use your time effectively on public transport by watching YouTube videos or reading about concepts that you are learning currently, have learnt already or will learn. This will help in solidifying your understanding and review content you’ve learnt .

These are just a few ways to use your travel time on public transport efficiently. No matter how long your commute, you can always find ways of using your time efficiently. Just make sure to plan ahead what you want to do to use your time efficiently, this ensures a clear mindset before you board your next transport service.