Many people assume that all technology is distracting when studying, but there are some apps that can help you increase your productivity and help you memorise key concepts.

In a pursuit to find out which apps could help you study, I tried out a few to review. Here’s a list of apps that can help you study like a boss!


Need help focusing, then Forest is the perfect app for you. Its aim is to stop procrastination. The app is like a game.

The idea is pretty simple: each work task is a seed, and dependent on how much time you devote, it grows into a tree or a bush. Eventually, as you complete more tasks and grow more trees or bushes, soon you can grow a forest!

You can select the time period you want to spend on something ranging from as long as 60 minutes, allowing you to grow a tree, to as short as 10 minutes, which will get you a shrub. Trying to exit the app whilst your task is ongoing will kill your plant 

The app also gives encouraging messages to help you stay on track telling you to “stop phubbing”, “stay focused”, “put down your phone”, “go back to work” and “stop looking at me”.

Once you’ve completed the allocated time period, the app allows you to tag the time period with a label of your choosing, i.e. work, study, etc.

The one con to the app is that it costs $2.99 on the Play Store and the App Store. But, if you are looking for a way to stay focused, Forest is a great app!

Platforms: iOS, Android and PC (Limited Features on PC)
Price: $2.99 (on iOS and Android)
Rating: 9/10

Tiny Cards

Need help memorising concepts – then Tiny Cards has you covered.

This free app allows you to prepare for tests and memorise vocabulary through flashcards. You can use ready-made flashcards or make your own and share them with friends.

This app is probably best for subjects where you need to memorise vocabulary or key concepts, such as in languages or science.

The app is colourful and uses spaced repetition, showing the flashcards before quizzing you on the concepts.

Platforms: iOS, Android and PC
Price: Free
Rating: 8/10


Quizlet is a very similar app to Tiny Cards. The app, like Tiny Cards, shows flashcards and aids in memorisation through repetition.

You can use prepared flashcards or create your own. The interface on Quizlet is more formal and less colourful but the layout is pretty simple. Search for your topic or create new flashcards and you can start your revision.

One major difference between Quizlet and Tiny Cards is the premium feature which includes test preparation resources made by experts. This is a costly feature with pricing set for individual flashcard sets.

But, don’t fear – there’s plenty of content on the free version of the app to help you revise.

Platform: iOS, Android and PC
Price: Free (unless you go for Quizlet Premium)
Rating: 9/10

These are some of the best study apps available to help increase your productivity and help you memorise concepts. There may be other study apps that might work better for you. Comment below on what apps you recommend for studying. Remember, technology doesn’t always have to be bad for studying!

Stay tuned for the Top Notetaking and Time Management Apps!