Isn’t it beautiful how one day you’re praying for something and years later you don’t even remember that you used to beg for that thing and cry and in the end prayed that your wishes leave you alone or you get rid of them?

And then years later you’re sitting on the prayer mat with your hands raised and all you’re saying is Alhamdulillah for all the loss you bore that made you closer to your Creator.

You see by repeatedly saying “Allah Tawakkal” you’re actually handing yourself in the hands of the Almighty, with you being loved 70 times than that of a love of a mother.

If you notice how this relaxes all your muscles in your body, know that you’re on the right track.

This World confuses you, scares you by the reality, by putting you in doubts, “Hey brother what if you don’t get a job instantly?”

And you start believing it, WHY? Have you reached this far by yourself? Why lose focus from your hopes and goals because of someone who’s ahead of you apparently?

How can you forget that when no one was there to take you out from your disastrous thoughts, it was Allah who opened all the doors (Al Fattah) that led you to the point where you’re thanking Him today, not for any particular reason but just because how well of a human being you have become over the past few years. Isn’t it enough?

If you ever feel less or your vision gets blurred just start repeating “Allah Tawakkal” (My Lord is the best of planner and I trust Him in His plans) and you’ll stop seeing yourself as a mess and people who put you in trouble would wonder why you’re satisfied all of a sudden and it is indeed the best thing to be proud of, to pass on. 🌼🌼