The month of  Ramadan is for fasting, socialising and doing charity work. It is a beautiful blessed month full of living human magic. It includes:

  • Waking up at the time when human sleep is on peak.
  • Fasting for a whole day; even really young one can do so.
  • You stand up for hour  every night for a month.

Young Innovators Network team initiated a small website to aid Muslims to provide them with practical tools to get the maximum benefit from Ramadan. Here are a couple of tools mentioned below:

How to tell my Australian friends about Ramadan

On the website, Ramadan for Australians page ( shows:

  • A short video to guide of the do’s and don’ts of Ramadan to help you as a non-muslim to educate yourself about Ramadan.
  • Brief guide as to how can you can facilitate your Muslims colleagues in the workplace.
  • Special Greeting Card designed for to share with non-Muslims. You can download the card from the link given above.

Ramadan Planner

The Ramadan planner is more than a calendar.  It has the personalised and practical experience to help Muslims organise their spiritual activities.

You can download it from

  • At the top of the planner, you can insert your name and also resolutions for Ramadan.
  • Just below that, you will find a key that shows what each abbreviation used in the planner stands for.
  • You can tick the Salah you have completed.
  • Keep a track record of how many good deeds you have done.
  • How much Quran did you read?

It is work in progress since there is a lot more to come for Children and Family.

Please give feedback and suggestions at [email protected]