ISRA Melbourne hosted Students’ Iftar dinner on Sunday 19 May 2019 attended by more than 70 ISRA (Islamic Sciences and Research Academy) students and their families.

The students competed on a Kahoot game where the challenge was “How well do you know your lecturers?”.

Excited participants waiting for the next question.

The students had to answer questions like “Which lecturer has the name of an Ottoman Sultan?” or “Which lecturer is known for their love of cats?”.

The winner received a gift pack, including a copy of Quran gifted from the Imam of Masjid al Aqsa.

The keynote speaker Omer Atilla Ergi spoke about the significance of searching for knowledge.

The Dean Awards were also presented on the night, which are given to those who achieved a grade of distinction or high distinction in all coursework subjects undertaken.

The Iftar dinner concluded with floor reflections.

One student said: “Many of us have classic Islamic education, studied Islam overseas or were trained in a madrasa. However, we do not have the accreditation for our knowledge. ISRA is a unique organisation and it fulfils the need of accredited Islamic tertiary education in an Australian university.”