BLISS is a new innovative matching service for Muslims. A complete system based on ethical introductions.

Currently in Australia, the Muslim population is approximately 2.3% which includes the aged, youth, different beliefs, many cultures and those already married across all states.

So how do Muslims in Australia marry? How do you find potential partners who match you? You contact us at BLISS where we are a central agency bringing all Muslims of all beliefs together.

As an introduction service, we are a fully supportive environment. With qualified counselors to help you with your journey. We look at the whole picture from a cultural, Islamic and personal belief system.

We are here to work for you with you. Matching is more than just placing two people together; it is about integrating two families based on many dynamics.

How does it work?

We have a few services which are designed to complement each other. We have an online app which is both iTunes and Android. The app is both an informational centre for everything BLISS as well as an online matching service which is based on ethics and accountability.


We have monthly face-to-face dinners for single Muslims of Australia (based in Sydney). These are high-quality events where you have a chance to meet quality Muslims with the support of our facilitators. The dinners are designed as a respectable evening which is tastefully conducted to provide our clients comfort in meeting with potential partners.

Private Matching:

Our private matching is one-on-one matching service where clients are given VIP access to all those registered with our service. BLISS provides a third person and private introductions in our office locations. This gives Muslims the opportunity to meet in a safe environment away from prying eyes. No need to meet at coffee shops, exposing your business. We are confidential and skilled in private matching and counseling services.

Educational Workshops:

BLISS has qualified counselors to assist with all relationship issues which may arise. Our educational workshops are designed to be a teaching tool and awareness programs designed specifically for the Muslim population.

Online Matching:

Our app is different from all the rest! We have a strict verification process which ensures there are no fake profiles, no stalking and no tolerance to ill behaviour. We are contactable. All clients must provide an Australian License or Passport to be approved. If you meet a person you like online, you may book our office to meet with them. Or discuss meeting at the next event. The whole system is designed to keep meetings on safe neutral grounds.

Check out our brochure!

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