The Amity College Girls High School captains had the privilege to visit Christchurch, New Zealand from 3-5 5 May 2019 with the coordinator, Miss Shaymaa Hallani, and graduates Safiya Ilham, Hatice Odemis and Esra Savran.

It was an experience that we are so grateful for and is one we will never forget.

We were given the opportunity to visit the victims of the horrific attack, as well as pray Jummah (Friday Congregational prayer) at Al Noor Mosque.

We were welcomed with open arms as we gave our condolences to those present and were also lucky enough to distribute gifts to the women and children. As a school, we were able to raise over $5,000, which was donated to those most in need amongst the victims of the tragedy.

We were able to pay our respects to the families of the victims including that of Hajj Daoud Nabi, as well as that of the martyred three-year-old boy.

Listening to their heartbreak and being able to see first hand the effects of such an attack was truly humbling.

So together, we prayed for peace, faith and forgiveness as although we were reminded of the heartbreaking impact these horrific events had caused, the families we visited were so inspirational, displaying absolute faith and positivity in these very hard times.

Having the privilege to go to Christchurch and visit those for who we raised money for was truly more than we could ask for and deepened our appreciation for our efforts throughout the year.

We were able to pay our respects to the families of the victims which truly made us see the fruit of our efforts within their beaming, grateful smiles.

Together, we prayed for peace, faith and forgiveness as we were inspired by the victims, displaying absolute faith and resilience.

We were reminded of the importance of friendship and social charity to create unity within humanity.

We hope our visit shows that we have not forgotten them and that the rest of the world stands by their side and that we all stand together.