Austra-Lanka Muslim Association (ALMA) along with ALMA Children Education Program (ACEP) organised a program to welcome the holy month of Ramadan on Sunday 28 April at Auburn  Town Hall in Sydney.

The ‘Welcome Ramadan Program’ is an annual program organised by ALMA and ACEP prior to the commencement of Ramadan.

One of the objectives of the program is to help the community prepare for this blessed month. The event also showcased the talents of children participating in ACEP Program.

The program included speeches, nasheeds, presentations, reminders and a drama. In line with the name of the program, some of the children provided valuable information on how to maximise our rewards in Ramadan.

The program started at 3.45 pm and it was kicked off by the masters of ceremonies, Izwath and Hiba, who are both students of ACEP. The one-and-a-half-hour program included various performances.

The highlight of the program for the night was a drama which showcased the life of Hind (r) and it was organised by the Senior Girls Class. Nasheeds were also performed by the younger students in the class. The Senior Boys Class did a presentation recapping their learnings from Surah Al Kahf.

The special guest presenter for the evening, Sheikh Kamal, gave a valuable speech which helped the community prepare for the month of Ramadan.

After Maghreb salah, light refreshments were provided for the guests to enjoy.

Alhamdulillah, it was a very beneficial evening.