Professor Dr Anis Ahmad, a renowned scholar of Islam is visiting Australia on request of the Islamic Circle of Australia and New Zealand (iCAN).

Dr Ahmad, currently the Vice Chancellor/Rector of RIPAH International University is a thinker, a social scientist, an educator and the author of around 45 books on Islamic contemporary issues. His area of expertise includes contemporary social, political and cultural challenges faced by Muslims around the globe.

During his visit, he delivered a lecture in Perth on  “A vision for the Muslim Community in West” on Thursday 25 April at the Australian Islamic College, Kewdale where he presented a roadmap for Muslims to address contemporary challenges.

While in Sydney, on Saturday 27 April he attended a session with community volunteers in Rooty Hill and held a dialogue with Muslim women at Roselands.

Dr Ahmad participated in a seminar with the title “Islam and the West”  together with Dr Jan A Ali and Mr Junaid Amjad, a PhD student at the Western Sydney University, Bankstown campus on Sunday 28 April. The event was organised by the Islamic Circle of Australia and New Zealand in collaboration with the Postgraduate Student Association of Western Sydney University (WSU).

 The audience at the “Islam and the West” Seminar.

At the same venue, Dr Anis Ahmad gave a public lecture on “Global threat of Islamophobia and anxiety in Muslims living in the West”. He said when we talk about Islam and its phobia in the West, we should not forget that both Muslims and the Weste have failed to address the basic understanding of “what is Islam”.

“For Muslims, Islam sometimes means praying five-time daily, making Hajj or Umrah, doing some charity, and observing some festivals. All these approaches reduce Islam to habitual, spiritual, legal or very personal faith,” Dr Ahmad explained.

He further added, “West, on the other hand, sees Islam with a horrible history trying to impose its ideology on others with its primitive way of life and harsh punishments.”

Dr Anis Ahmad addressed a gathering of scholars, community leaders and activists in Auburn and highlighted the role of the head of organisations and advising them to work together and extend support and help for each other thereby generating a positive impact on the Muslim community and the overall Australian society.

Dr Anis Ahmad addressing community leaders.

He underlined the role of volunteers of such organisations that they “should be visible and be relevant in this society to serve the country you have chosen for your living.”

Dr Anis Ahmad advising volunteers of iCAN.

He also visited Dawah Stalls to encourage the workers of iCAN in presenting the real face of Islam in order to minimise misconception about this religion of peace.

A briefing about Dawah Stalls.

On Sunday, together with iCAN team members, Dr Anis Ahmad attended a breakfast meeting at the residence of his longtime colleague Dr Qazi Ashfaq Ahmad in Bonnyrigg together with his family members including Mr Zia Ahmad, Editor-in-Chief of AMUST and Mr Usaid Khalil, Secretary General of IFAM.

Dr Anis Ahmad visiting Dr Qazi Ashfaq Ahmad at his residence.

Later he called on to visit another veteran leader Dr Ahsan Zafarullah at his residence to acknowledge his contribution to the community at large.