The Canberra Muslim Community (CMC) held its inaugural Islamic Conference at the historic Hyatt Hotel only minutes away from Parliament House on Saturday 6 April.

The 2019 Annual Islamic Conference on Al-ʾĀkhirah focused on the journey of seeking success in this life and the hereafter.

The event featured a keynote address by Sheikh Shady Alsuleiman, President of the Australian National Imams Council, along with prominent and inspirational Australian guest speakers including Sheikh Akram Buksh from Brisbane, Sheikh Abu Hamza from Melbourne and Sheikh Adam Konda from Canberra.

They shared their vast range of insights, experiences and advice on how this goal can be attained by developing a blueprint for Muslims individually, within the family environment and the wider community.

Mr Mainul Haque, President of CMC, paid tribute to the committee and the volunteers, who, over the last few years had achieved the building of the mosque, made the mosque a vibrant centre for people of all ages and banded together to deliver its first Islamic Conference.

Particular note was made of Mr Roysul Khan who had overseen the construction project. Mr Haq emphasised that there is much more work to be done and requested those attending to dig deep so that other parts of the mosque, particularly the ablution areas, can be completed.  The event raised tens of thousands of dollars to that end.

Included in the Conference were an afternoon tea and a sumptuous halal dinner that the Hyatt’s chef and staff are famous for.

Photos of the event can be viewed here: