Under slogan a “Journey of Enlightenment” the Islamic Charitable projects association (ICPA) held the annual Al-Isra’ and Al-Mi^raj celebration 1440 at the Al Amanah College Grand Hall Liverpool, Sydney for its community on Friday 5 April 2019.

The occasion was attended by Mr Hajj Muhamad Mehio President of the ICPA, his Eminence Dr Sheikh Salim Alwan – Chairman of Darulfatwa the Islamic High Council of Australia accompanied by Dr Mohamed Bechari Secretary General of the International Muslim Communities Congress, Mr Chris Hayes (MP) – Member for Fowler Chief Opposition Whip, Ms Anne Stanley MP – Federal Member for Werriwa, Ms Tania Mihailuk  MP – Member for Bankstown, Shadow Minister for Planning – Shadow Minister for Housing – Shadow Minister for Family and Shadow Minister for Community Services, Inspector Guy Habarley – Liverpool Police, a number of distinguished sheikhs, community leaders and a large number of families.

Following the official opening welcome, the celebration began with a recitation of the holy Quran followed by a number of chants about this blessed occasion performed by the ICPA chanting band. His Eminence Dr Sheikh Salim Alwan, Chairman of Darulfatwa the Islamic High Council of Australia delivered the opening speech. Dr Sheikh Salim Alwan spoke about the blessed occasion of Al – Isra’ and Mi^raj, highlighting that this was a miracle specifically for Prophet Muhammad (s). In his ascension beyond the seven skies, our prophet entered Paradise where he saw images of some of its future inhabitants and the enjoyments they will receive.

The Prophet also saw the Throne (^Arsh), which is the ceiling of Paradise and the largest of God’s creations, Allah created it as a sign of His Power and not as place for Him to reside. This journey took around a third of the night only. He added, as Muslims we shall not forget the merit of Al-Quds (Jerusalem). Darulfatwa – the Islamic high Council of Australia played an important role in supporting the victims and the people of New Zealand in this atrocity. He also reaffirmed Darulfatwa’s stand in solidarity with the people and Government of New Zealand and reiterated his advice not be provoked into tribulations by extremists. 

Hajj Muhamad Mehio also narrated the story of Al – Isra’ and Mi^raj and congratulated Muslims on this great occasion. He added, the event of Al-Isra‘ and al-Mi^raj is among the many miracles of Prophet Muhammad (s). This incident is very significant, not just historically, but for its favour on our present day. It clearly reflects that the Aqsa Mosque has always been a holy place of worship for Muslims and always will be.

It is the Mosque that gathered all the Prophets including, Musa, Ibrahim, and ^Isa (Jesus); all of whom believed in one God – Allah. Afterwards, the Prophet ascended beyond the seven skies, and entered Paradise.

Mr Hajj Muhamad Mehio also spoke about the recent loss of innocent lives at the two mosques in New Zealand. New Zealanders and the global community are urged to stand together stronger than ever to face all forms of extremism and phobias that may operate under an array of wicked slogans.

Ministers speaking at the occasion also acknowledged the concerted efforts by the ICPA for being a ‘role model’ in community work and working diligently to address issues such as islamophobia and extremism.