Dr Parwin Faiz, a highly popular and much loved medical practitioner having served the people in South West Sydney for the last four decades hosted a large gathering of Sydney siders from the South Asian community of diverse faith and professions in honour of Senator Dr Mehreen Faruqi on Saturday 13 April 2019 at her residence at West Pennant Hills.

Senator Faruqi spoke about breaking the barriers and rising above differences of religion, colour, race and gender in order to embrace humanity. She also addressed the issues of domestic violence, minority groups and renewable energy.

“I’m meeting with old & new friends across NSW and the feedback is always the same: we value the Greens for climate justice, treaties with First Nations peoples and a future for all of us, no matter the colour of our skin, our bank balance, our postcode, our gender or sexuality, or our ethnicity. — in West Pennant Hills.”