Fifty Muslims preparing for Friday worship were massacred by a white supremacist terrorist (‘T’) shattering the peace in beautiful Christchurch. An atrocity of this enormity demands action to prevent recurrence. It requires identification and removal of root causes.

The Australian mass-murderer undoubtedly conducted his maleficence in NZ due to weak gun controls. Although aggravated and triggered in Europe, T’s radicalisation began in Australia.

Probable root causes in Australia were identified by this writer and shared at a meeting of Muslim leaders with the Queensland Police Service (incl. Commissioner Ian Stewart) and other authorities.

Primary cause is the strident anti-Muslim media of NewsCorp and Sky News.

NewsCorp Australia, owns two-thirds of print media in Australian capitals and Foxtel broadcasting Sky News.

A Washington Post article highlighted “anti-Muslim rhetoric has been normalized by mainstream right-wing news outlets, many owned by Rupert Murdoch.”

NewsCorp and right-wing politicians call ‘Wolf’ frequently on Muslims while ignoring the big ‘Wolf’, white supremacism.

New Matilda published findings that Murdoch media published in 2017 almost 3,000 stories mostly ‘slamming’ Islam.

Unreasonable fears are raised such that one survey indicated Australians thought Muslims represent 17%, rather than 2.6% of Australians. Industry ‘self-regulator’,

Australian Press Council, facilitates hate speech against Muslims, ignoring its own Guideline that news headlines should not implicate whole communities.

Second is Australia’s excessive immigrant intake, exceeding 180,000 annually since 2009. Australia became the leading Western country in percentage born overseas – 28%, compared with the US (14%) where President Trump aggressively reduced immigration.

The terrorist railed against Australia’s high intake. ‘Whites’ in high unemployment regions can be radicalised from migrants ‘taking jobs’.

Third are elite capitalists-cum conservatives who “lust for power and wealth.”

T’s hatred, displayed in his manifesto, addresses them.

Capitalism expands consumer demand through immigration and marketing. Western marketing projects that a person’s self-esteem is dependent on buying certain products.

Resulting materialism and individualistic ‘sensate’ culture reduce interest in child-bearing. Australia’s fertility rate is 1.74 children; lowest ever recorded – below a 2.1 ‘replacement rate’.

Consequently, the ‘white’ population is expected to become a minority by century’s end. T wishes Australia’s white births increase to avoid ‘the Great Replacement’.

This is a systemic issue that requires wholesale change to Western capitalism and moral decline.

Fourth is Australia’s blind alliance with the US, influenced by Israel, reflected in Trump’s anti-Muslim policies.

Evidence suggests the Western-led “War on Terror” is euphemism for “War on Islam”, exemplified by the illegal invasion and death of 500,000 Iraqis.

Major parties acted so Australia became world leader in passing the “most amendments to anti-terror and security laws” targeting Muslims – 54 since 9/11!

Unreasonably high community fear levels are engendered by the Murdoch media and conservative politicians.

While lives lost from terrorism are condemned, this writer highlights that 17 times the fatalities caused by Muslim terrorists occurred in the UK (88) than Australia (5), which has twice Australia’s Muslim proportion (5% vs 2.6%), yet the UK is Muslim-friendly.

Lord Mayor of London and Home Secretary are Muslims. Dozens of MPs are Muslims while Australia has three in Federal Parliament.

Fifth is the perception in Melbourne and Sydney that Muslims arrived recently.

Rather, Muslims had relations with Aboriginals prior to European ‘discovery’, and 110-130-year-old mosques stand in Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

Kevin Rudd’s call for a Royal Commission on Australia’s media ownership, deserves urgent action.

Tenacity of the remaining factors doesn’t auger well for Australia’s well-being.

Turkish presidential spokesmen remarked, “The world must break its silence over Islamophobic hatred.”

The solution is surely promoting a common humanity than the terrorist’s destructive white supremacism.