Build Water Well Project (BWWProject) an organisation/project which was established early this year to provide clean, healthy, non-toxic water for the many families and people across the world, who lack the adequate fulfillment of obtaining one of their many basic human necessities.

Developed and founded by Ahmad Alameddine, a sixteen-year-old who has the ambitions towards creating a world which everyone is all united and connected too.

Ahmad Alameddine, CEO & Founder of Build Water Well Project (BWWProject).

As seeing through his life, which is relatable to many Muslims across the world, not everyone is equal and that everyone must obtain their rightful human rights no matter their culture, geography, political view nor religion.

Incredibly as a sixteen-year-old he found it his responsibility to do something about it. After months of planning and connecting with local businesses and organisations Ahmad developed the BWW Project.

As the project is simply to connect the local community together and raise awareness and funds towards building water wells, the BWW Project is also building bridges of unity and humanity within our community and developing into an international chain of change, bringing peace and the aid of humanity connected.

This blessed Ramadan the BWW Project is requesting the help and contribution of the community to create the project to be a success. The goals of the project this Ramadan is to build at least 20 water wells in Bangladesh (each well at $500). Ahmad and his team will be travelling overseas to actively build the wells in the villages.

As the beloved Prophet Muhammad (s) said ‘When a Muslim plants a tree, whatever is eaten from it is charity, from him and whatever is stolen is charity and whatever is charity.’ May Allah grant us the ability to do great because the power of giving the gift of a well is tremendous.

Imagine the impact which you would have knowing that your rewards are endless with every drop of water being consumed is an everlasting deed for you.

To be apart of this project and contribute to helping our project make an impact to the many around the world please visit our Instagram page: Bww_project, Facebook Page: BWWP or email: [email protected] or call us on 0476 885 752.

As members of the community, and as apart of humanity we hold the cards of the future and the prosperity of building bridges of unity and humanity.

“Let us all unite as one and create our mark on the world because together we will create a difference!”- Ahmad Alameddine