On Friday 12 April 2019 at the Western Sydney University at the Bankstown Campus, two books on Islam were launched.

The first book edited by Abe W Ata and Jan A Ali entitled Islam in the West: Perceptions and Reactions was launched by Emeritus Professor Garry Trompf from the University of Sydney.

This book examines the way Muslims and mainstream societies in the West perceive each other, by taking into account themes like cultural pluralism, media, religious education, interfaith dialogue, and so on.

It argues that Muslims are not defined solely by their faith but as an emerging group which is self-critical, reflective, and focused on clearing the misconceptions associated with their identity.

Further, it posits that Westerners who are more knowledgeable about Muslims usually express positive opinions about Islam, thereby arguing that the knowledge about and attitudes towards Islam are interrelated.

The second book entitled The First Command was launched by its author Mr Jamal Haider. In his book, Mr Haider examines the rise of Muslim intellectualism, its influence on the Renaissance and its regression.

The book launch was sponsored by Western Sydney University Islamic and Arabic Research League and Islamic Society.