The theme of the upcoming 4th Annual Australian Islamic Schooling Conference and Forum to be held on 13 & 14 July 2019 at the Asia Institute, The University of Melbourne is social justice.

Justice, being a central concept, both within Islam, and contemporary education theory and practice, is sure to inspire rigorous discussion as well as shed light on urgent issues, challenges and potentials.

Our vision is that this year’s event will provide researchers, educators, parents and other community members with the opportunity to discuss their most pressing social justice issues as well as policies, processes, pedagogies and other practices that either enhance or diminish social justice in and through education in Islamic schools.

It also seeks to showcase inspired and innovative research and practice within schools that recognises contributions and offers potential to positively shape the field.

The conference aims to be a safe place for critical discussions, sharing experiences and insights in the unique contexts of Islamic schools and the communities they serve, with special attention to educator practice and the needs of Muslim learners. The aim is to inspire all to work toward practice characterised by justice, and to nurture hope and the continued growth and success of Islamic schooling.

Why Social Justice?

It’s hard to imagine a more overarching nor a more timely and relevant theme than that of social justice. Islamic schooling has grown and continues to grow rapidly. Just as the establishment of Islamic schools in Australia was a reflection of the maturity of local Muslim communities, so too are we witnessing a maturity within the field of Islamic schooling. At this juncture, attention to social justice could hardly be more critical.

In an era of education where the work of leaders and educators continues to be punctuated by the narrowing of educational aims, by increased accountability measures and heightened pressures, themes of justice in education or educational justice take on nuanced and unique forms in the case of Muslim learners and in the context of Islamic school settings.

Add to this, efforts within and across Islamic schooling occur against the backdrop of a pervasive and hostile socio-political climate having direct implications on social justice – in education and more broadly in the society our learners belong and contribute to.

Anticipated are a broad range of sessions examining the theme of social justice as this impacts or intersects with educational policy; debates around equity and diversity; the marginalisation and vulnerability of Muslim learners; Islamophobia and racism; with debates around privileged knowledge in curriculum; with practical possibilities for classrooms, for social action and social activism, and with attention to pedagogical concerns and priorities. Just to name a few.

Don’t miss this event, join the conversation in Islamic schooling as we expand our current thinking and explore implications for practice.

Registrations Now Open

Registration for the whole 2 days of Conference and Forum (incl. food/refreshments) is $250.00 per person, with the option to attend any Conference or Forum session across the two days.

Conference Gala Dinner is only $50 pp Islamic Museum of Australia.

To register please visit or register via Eventbrite, (If you wish to receive an invoice email [email protected])