Dr Sabrin Farooqui, a well known Muslim community icon is standing as the Labor candidate for the NSW Legislative Council for the upcoming state election on 23 March 2019.



The NSW Legislative Council, often referred to as the upper house, is one of the two chambers in the New South Wales state parliament in Australia. The Legislative Council members are elected by proportional representation.

Sabrin is a member of the “Australia and the World Policy Committee” of NSW Labor.

As an activist of Labor for Refugees, she advocates to establish a unequivocally decent policy on people seeking asylum and refugees. She believes that the settlement of refugees is a very significant national and global issue.

As an activist of Labor for Aid, she advocates for increasing Australian Aid to meet our humanitarian responsibility and investing in our regional and national security.

Sabrin, as a delegate from Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU), is also campaigning to rebuild public sector capacity and to reverse the tide of labour hire, casualization and outsourcing.

Sabrin has been awarded with ‘Local Woman of the Year’ for the Bankstown electorate of NSW on the International Women’s Day 2018 for her contribution to Bankstown and the broader community.

As a catalyst for social change, Sabrin voluntarily works for women’s development, empowerment and domestic/family violence intervention, prevention and awareness.

Her vision is to facilitate a harmonious, multicultural Australia where all immigrants can be recognised as valuable contributors to the community and the economy as integral part of the social fabric in Australia.

Born and brought up in Bangladesh, Sabrin studied at the University of Dhaka before coming to Sydney as an international student in 2004.

She completed her Masters from the University of New South Wales and PhD from the Faculty of Education of University of Sydney.

Sabrin received “Best Research Student Award” from the University of Sydney for her work on assessment and pedagogy in English as Foreign Language (EFL) context.

As part of her research works, she highlighted various issues and solutions for the educational system in Bangladesh which have been manifested not only through her theses, but also in a number publications in international journals and presentations in local and international conferences.

Sabrin worked as an academic at University of Sydney, before moving on to Australian Public Service.

She has worked for Australian Bureau of Statistics and Fair Work Commission.

Sabrin is married to Khurshid Rahman who works in the private sector and together they have an eight year old son.

Besides raising a young family and working full time, Sabrin also volunteers to help the vulnerable people in the society through organisations like Shakti Australia, Settlement Services International, SiTara’s Story.

She is closely involved with a community organisation Bangla Hub, where she volunteers for organising community events for migrant aspiring Bangladeshi artists to exhibit their creative potentials, provide encouragement and create opportunities in Australia.