Fitting to this month’s celebration of the International Women’s Day 2019, we’re in the spirit celebrating all-things-women, highlighting the achievements of women around the world.

What better time than now to give the spotlight on Converse’s Love The Progress collection where Converse provides women around the world with a black canvas to write their own script and help change the definition of a ‘girl’.

This will be done in wall stores and on black chucks with some empowering females leading the charge.

Well-known for her leading role in the Stranger Things Netflix series, Millie Bobbie Brown kicked off the movement in February with a number of high-calibre females. They each have their own inspirational story to tell in the fight for equality. Women in this campaign are aiming to take back the narrative and redefine the gender, hoping to inspire the next generation.

The Love the Progress sneaker collection advocates the power of love, unity and community, celebrating women through an edgy but feminine group of sneakers using graphic prints, written messages, and meaningful colourways.

The amazing Stephanie Kurlow embody these inspiring messages of Converse’s Love The Progress campaign.

She is a seventeen-year-old Australian Russian who has been working towards her goal of becoming the first professional Hijabi ballerina in the world. She wishes to inspire young girls to pursue their dreams no matter their race, religion or background.

The Sydney-based ballerina has been in the headlines for many years pursuing her goal of being the world’s first Hijabi in her field.

“Ballet is an ART form, which means people want to watch a ballet to escape and to feel something.” – Stephanie Kurlow

You can follow Stephanie’s journey below via her social media accounts:

Instagram @stephaniekurlow

Twitter @stephaniekurlow