Charity Australia, a subsidiary organisation of IFAM, organised the distribution of food containers to the homeless people of Sydney.

It is a known fact that homeless people of Sydney often take the temporary shelter in parks around Sydney CBD.

A team of 12 volunteers from IFAM- Rooty Hill chapter traveled all the way to Martin place and put a food stall in the centre of the city. Food stall carried chicken, rice, tuna fish, fruit and water bottles.

The team of IFAM volunteers were extremely happy and satisfied to serve the homeless people in this hour of need. They were very delighted when all the food got distributed in less than one hour with 80 people being served.

It is important to note that IFAM is playing its role in Australia, in its capacity, to help humanity above any limitation to cultural, racial, colour or language differences.

IFAM President Mr Rais Khan has vowed and instructed all members of IFAM to extend their maximum support to anyone who needed help and always remember Allah’s commandment “To have mercy on mankind and help your fellow beings by showing best manners and feed the hungry”.