Brisneyland, BrisVegas, BrisBoring, Brissy – whatever you decide to call this city, one thing’s for sure, it is ever-evolving with exciting new openings.

Having spent my formative years in Brisbane, I’m a Brissy girl through and through, having witnessed this beautiful city through all its changes and developments thus far.

Every year Brisbane introduces new international and Australian-owned retail and cultural offerings with a bustling culinary scene to match, reaching closer to becoming Australia’s new world city.

  1. Speaking of being Australia’s new world city, US bakery chain Cinnabon is set to be bringing its sticky scrolls to Australia, with its first store in sunny Brisbane debuting the dessert chain in the country. The famous American bakery chain is bringing to our shores sticky, cinnamon scrolls drenched in glaze. Further expansion in Australia is slated for 2021. There could be as many as 50 stores across the country in the next three years.
  2. Next on the list brings much excitement and joy as I fondly reminisce on my student years during undergraduate and postgraduate in QUT’s Kelvin Grove Creative Industries precinct. The outdoor cinema is seemingly here to stay after the festive season’s favourite Openair Cinemas at Southbank and the well-loved Moonlight Cinema in New Farm Park, with the Brisbane City Council plan to build Brisbane’s first permanent outdoor cinema. The development application presents the proposal to hold a permanent shelter with a drop-down screen, a stage and a speaker set-up in the space between Kelvin Grove Road and QUT’s Creative Industries precinct. Get excited about fun weeknights and weekends, when the cinema will be operational, as the Council-owned public park is accessible to everyone and it will be free to attend.
  3. Continuing my walk down memory lane, the venue which held both my undergraduate and postgraduate graduation ceremonies, the Queensland Performance Arts Centre, will have a huge new performing arts theatre. The project is forecasted to be up and running by 2022, and QPAC Chair Peter Coaldrake has expressed in a statement that it hopes to build on the vibrancy of the Queensland Cultural Centre and grow the value of performing arts to Queensland’s creative, cultural and tourism economies.
  4. By now, we know Brisbane likes to do things big. And high. Sky-high dining was once simply what I saw adorning Kuala Lumpur skies (they love it over there), but soon, I can enjoy it right here on my doorstep. A new rooftop restaurant is planned in the Brisbane CBD. Patrons will be sitting atop a five-storey podium under the proposed eatery which will be part of The Great Southern Hotel, near the well-known Treasury Casino. The setup will be open to hotel guests only, so it’s best to plan the night’s stay well ahead.We might be almost a quarter of the way through 2019, but it looks like there is still much to look forward to with plenty to see and do in this great city. #BrisbaniteForLife