When did you last used a business card folder to find someones mobile or email? Do you know, every year, about 6 million trees are sacrificed to produce over 100 billion business cards.

Where do these businesses cards end up? Most of them go to the bin and some buckled up inside the old business card folder. Some clever people use them as money in a monopoly game. My daughter made playing cards out of them.

Do we really need business cards any more? I asked this question to many businesses. Mostly said, ya we know but it is a tradition to exchange business cards.

I believe that traditions are made to serve a purpose, but with mobile technologies, if the same purpose can be achieved in an efficient way with less cost and more quality, then it is the time to set a new tradition of digital business cards.

Digital business cards do not cost much to you and the environment. All you have to do design one and stick it on the back of your mobile. You can also store it in your phone address book as a contact same like you store other people information.

That is it, you are ready to share it. Here is a link to learn about 10 apps that can help you to make one https://smallbiztrends.com/2017/04/digital-business-card.html.

Now sharing your business card is very easy and efficient. Whenever someone asks for one. They can take a picture of it with their mobile camera.  You can also send it directly to their mobile via SMS or email.

On the other end, only effort, the recipient has to do, just tap Save and all of your business card information will be stored in their address book in no time.

No need to type all the details, no more typing mistakes. And if someone gives you one then you can use a mobile app to scan and store directly into your mobile address book. And return the card. This will convey the message too.

Here is an article to help you to find an app that can help you https://www.thebalancesmb.com/best-business-card-scanner-apps-4171696.

Quality of digital business cards is much more than printed business cards. It depends on how much you are technically capable of.  The more you learn about them the better outcome you get. You can create one with basic information or you can add a picture, website address, social media links and anything else you think off.

If you want to take the quality of your business card to the next level. You can develop a web page to present your live digital business card along with your digital portfolio where people not only can download your digital business card but also can see other information about your business too.

As you learned digital business cards have many advantages including less cost and more quality and above them all, it is good for the environment.

So, next time, you are planning to print a pile of business cards, think of $$$ and green trees.