Celebrated on 14 February, Valentine’s Day is often marked by giving gifts to and spending time with loved ones. Valentine’s Day traditions include exchanging gifts, such as chocolates or roses, and a romantic night out on the town. But now it also means giving music instruments!

The Music for Refugees organisation decided to spend that special day in Auburn, Sydney, to give away a variety of musical instruments to any refugees who happen to walk by.

Manager Philip Feinstein said, “The gift of music instruments helps to improve peoples’ lives as music is the soul to happiness.” With an excess number of instruments in their warehouse, it was decided to take advantage of Valentine’s Day to part with some of them. “The expressions on peoples’ faces is something I never forget,” said Feinstein.

Apart from the ongoing stream of onlookers and recipients, SBS-TV was also there on the day to film these exciting moments – they showed the story on their news broadcast that evening. The local papers were also there to record this historical event.

“This is not the end” added Feinstein. “Any refugee or asylum seeker can contact us of they want a free music instrument, and if we have it in stock, it will be our pleasure to pass it on.”

Music for Refugees has been operating in Australia since 2009 and expanded its operation to African refugees a couple of years ago as well.

Anyone wanting more information should see their website www.musicforrefugees.org or their Facebook page for the latest information.