The Children’s Islamic Quiz Competition 2019 was held on Sunday 24 February at the Western Sydney University, Bankstown Campus.

The highly popular and successful annual competition is organised by the Islamic Forum for Australian Muslims (IFAM) and has been running successfully for the past 14 years.

The quiz competition is organised for young people in order to motivate them to increase their knowledge about Islam in a recreational way.

Almost 170 children of different ages registered for the Quiz and the event was attended by a huge turnout of the participants along with their parents and community leaders as well as IFAM volunteers.

With the attractive grand prize of Umrah ticket paying for a visit to the holy lands of Makkah and Madinah, the kids prepared and participated in this Quiz with great dedication.

The participants from KG to Year 10 were divided into different cohorts with respect to their ages and year of study in the school.

IFAM volunteers helped the participants for their submissions of answers on the online portals, using Kahoot for the first time in the Quiz history, with display on the big screen.

The competition drove to its successful conclusion with prize distribution at the end for all and special awards to top scorers.

In category ‘D’ (school year 7-10) Ms Zaina Siddiqui won the first prize which was the Umrah ticket. Ms Rafia Ali and Safia came second and third respectively.

In category ‘C’ (school year 4-6) Tayiyat stood first and won a laptop.

In category ‘B’ (School year 2-3) Raihan Ahmed came first and was awarded with a laptop as well.

All kids were awarded with gift hampers to make them feel valued and encouraged for such activities.

There were many distinguishing guests who were invited to attend this event. Councillor Bilal el Hayek was the chief guest for this quiz competition. He distributed prizes to all winners in different categories.

Mr Hayek during his address commended IFAM for bringing the community together by holding such unique events. He advised the young people to seek knowledge in order to succeed in life and always be nice to their parents who worked hard to move their children forward in all spheres of life.

Other distinguished guests included Dr Jaan Ali, from WSU, Mr Khalil, President of Islamic Society of WSU, and Dr Kashif Aziz, Vice President of IFAM.

The main sponsor for the event, MCCA funded the Umrah ticket. Mr Hadi Shehata from MCCA, Sydney office during his address emphasised that his organisation is committed to working with the community and has been sponsoring Muslim community events for a long time.

The Quiz organising team was led by Mr Aqeel Muqaddam with the supervision of Mr Usaid Khalil, Secretary General of IFAM.  Other team members included Ashar, Zubair, Fahad,  Fatima and Taqdees among others, and looked after all activities in an efficient way.

Refreshment and lunch stalls were set up at the event venue for attendees to avail themselves according to their needs and choices.

Please contact Mr Aqeel Mukaddam if you are interested to participate in the next quiz or need further information via email: [email protected]