They call it the Australia Day.

When the island nation and the
continent would celebrate the day
right from the daybreak,

In songs and music, speeches
and dance,

As the steps and movement would
mimic those of the kangaroos and the
rainbow serpents, the ostritch and the
jelly fish, the platypus and the crocodile,
the sea dragon and the barramundhi,
the dolphin and the brumby,

While the words would be made
in the sound of kookaburras and
the wallabies, magpies and the cuckoos,
the parrots and the rosellas, the whales
and the penguins, cockatoo and the dingo,
the guinea fowl and the bush peacock,

When many would acknowledge
in words and deeds the first settlers
and the custodians of the land.

The would say:
“Australia has the oldest living culture
more than sixty thousand years old.”

Now the nation has grown much
and continues to grow even more
as everyday would pass by,

As people continues to arrive from
all parts of the globe to make the
Australia their new home.

Still, celebration on the day would
be a source of hurt and pain for some
among the First Settlers.

So the nation must find way to come
together in love and respect, peace
and harmony to grow into one integrated