More than 400 people attended a Sydney Seerah conference on Sunday 10 February titled “In the footsteps of our beloved Prophet”, organised by Islamic Circle of Australia and New Zealand (iCAN).

The fully sold out, ticketed multicultural community event hosted by the NSW chapter of iCAN was held at Bryan Brown Theatre, Bankstown and addressed by prominent local and interstate speakers.

Photo Credits: Abu Musab

The conference, MC’d by Sheikh Abdullah Hakeem from Rooty Hill started with the beautiful recitation of Quran by Sheikh Yasir Hafiz from Greenacre.

World renowned scholar Sheikh Yahya Adel Ibrahim traveled all the way from Perth to enlighten the audience on the topic of “The beauty of the beloved in the face of ugliness”, while Sheikh Alaa El Zokm from Melbourne focused on “Muhammad’s (s) mercy to mankind”.

The conference was attended by a large number of  community leaders and Imams  and included Nasheeds, awards and gifts for speech and poster competition for kids and dinner for all.

“The main goal of this conference is to revive our love for Prophet Muhammad (s), especially amongst the Australian born Muslim generation,” President of iCAN, Mr Amir Rajput said.

The speakers emphasised that being the followers of Prophet Muhammad (s), we must embrace his teachings and way of life, which will not only benefit us as individuals but also help in building a harmonious society.

Besides speeches by scholars, Young Muslims Network Australia (YMNA), a subsidiary of iCAN also provided the young generation, opportunity to show their talents.

Well-rehearsed and well-researched speeches by youth on Prophet Muhammad’s s) Seerah were highly acknowledged by the attendees at the conference.

In addition, colorful posters were made by the children to show their love and admiration towards Prophet Muhammad (s).

All kids participating in poster and speech competition were awarded gifts by the President of iCAN as encouragement to continue to be part of such activities.

Nasir Malik, President of YMNA, highlighted the activities of YMNA, which are contributing to nurture Islamic values amongst kids and teenagers. He said,

“We need to know what our kids are thinking and we have to join hands to cope with the problems faced by our kids in this society,” he said.

The event was supported by community organisations and sponsored by a number of businesses and institutions.


Photo Credits: Rizwan Bhasha


Photo Credits: Rizwan Bhasha




Photo Credits: Afra Idris