Once the people of the land
were all brown and black,

Then came the wave of white
as they overran the original
inhabitants of the land,

It was followed by the period
when the white would become
more introvert and restless
against the brown and black,

Then the door was opened
to men and women of all colours,
races and faiths,

For the nation to turn into the
melting pot sooner or later,

And while the need is there
for even more,

They would rightfully take more
people every year based on needs
and compassion,

As some others are determined
to close the door by hook or crook,

While the deprived and the ones
in danger in different parts of the
globe would look for the way out,

When some practice the doctrine
of fear for the unknown, disunity
and hatred,
Based on prejudice and ignorance,

As the wise ones would say:
“There is more to gain from give
and take and coming together.”