Go Pray! is a service developed by the community for the community.

Go Pray! with the dream to provide a platform to share information about mosques and musallahs so that we can reconnect with our places of worship is here.

With the range of app online I decided to download Go Pray app after been recommended by a friend.

After you download you will be presented with four tabs “now”, “times”, “mosques” and “settings”

Now: The now tab gives you a quick snap shot of the next prayer time along with the list of nearby mosques and musallah with an approximate distance and prayer time with the help of your location.

Times: has the list of namaz time with Gregoria and Islamic date together with the list of timings having the last milestone highlighted. This tab also gives you an option to search mosques and times in suburb nearby.

Mosques: with a snapshot on the “now” tab “mosques” tab gives a comprehensive list of Mosques and location distance and the next salat time. You also have an option to view the locations plotted over google map which is a cool feature.

Settings: As most apps offer, Go Pray also offers a settings menu to customise your app according to your need.

Overall I have found this app suitable for my needs.

Since Go Pray app is developed by the community for the community, the developers rely on your help to keep the data up to date.

So what you can do?
Well, download the app and use it and maintain the prayer timings around you.

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