On Thursday 21 February, Amity College held its annual HSC and ATAR Awards Ceremony to acknowledge and celebrate the outstanding achievements of the graduating class of 2018 in last year’s HSC. In 2018, one in every two Amity College graduates have got an ATAR score of 80+ and, one in every four Amity College graduates got 90+ ATAR scores. 

Attended by the 2018 Graduates, their families and friends, the current Year 12 students, teachers and principals, as well as local and state politicians the awards ceremony saw generous prizes awarded to students who helped maintain a well-established tradition of academic excellence at the College.

Constituting around half the graduating cohort, students who attained an ATAR of 80.00 or over were awarded crystal trophies, gift cards and smart tablet devices.

The ceremony began with an address by the Amity College Executive Principal, Mr Deniz Erdogan, who talked about a series of new goals and opportunities following the HSC and that overcoming each struggle serves to strengthen and prepare one for the next.

He likened the graduates to dandelion seeds that have stuck and grown together; the wind will now blow in different directions but they will become their own dandelions regardless of the climate. The Dean of School of Law from the University of Wollongong, Professor Colin Picker delivered the keynote address giving his advice and explaining to set out on a journey with big aspirations and to take big steps full of courage towards achieving this.

The ceremony concluded with the exciting announcements of the Boys High School Dux, Zain Khan (ATAR 96.60), and Girls High School Dux, Aleyna Akdemir (ATAR 99.45), who each delivered their dux addresses.

Amongst the award presenters were Members of Parliament Ms Melanie Gibbons and Mr Paul Lynch who also expressed their gratitude to the school and congratulated the tremendous success of the students.

Ms Akdemir, also the College’s overall top achiever, addressed the new Year 12 cohort in her speech explaining the background behind her success, planned hard work. Mr Khan likened the HSC to an IKEA flat pack and that they had the tools and instructions to build as they wish but that they must choose and persevere to construct it.

The Year 12 students in the audience listened attentively with one student noting that it was motivating to see such highly-driven students reflect on their experience and that their words of advice were very much appreciated.

Established in 1996, Amity College is a leading independent and non-denominational school in Sydney’s south-west which provides K-12 education.