Young Innovators launched their summer holidays workshop through a Parent Information Night on Friday 14 December 2018 at the Campbelltown Youth Centre (CYC).

The program commenced with a brief introduction of Young Innovators and their aim and objectives. Young Innovators was founded on the 26 April 2017 with the aim to bring a passion driven, interactional learning approach to young children.

Through collaboration with the children, the learning delivery aims made the students become smarter and productive learners where students were engaged through a series of workshops during the school holidays.

During the launch, Shafqat Ali, the team coordinator went through a series of workshops explaining the purpose of each workshop that runs from 6 to 9 in the evening.

He also highlighted that these workshops will bring a new kind of passion for learning and students will gain new knowledge by interacting with each other and through individual experiences.

“This approach has no books, exams, assignments or homework as it is a student centred approach to learning,” Shafqat explained.

The workshops include, Google for Study, Manage Your HSC Studies, Manage your Uni, Parents Info Night, Creative Imaging & Design Thinking, Game Programming, Get A Dream Job, Cyber Safety For You and Getting In Someone’s Heart.

Google For Study is a workshop designed to teach students how to navigate the internet more efficiently in pursuit of enhanced effectiveness for research purposes in terms of being able to access relevant information required for their assignments.

Manage Your HSC Studies is a workshop designed to teach students how to plan and manage their time more wisely in Year 12 to ensure students give themselves the best chance of succeeding in their HSC.

Manage Your Uni is a workshop for students making the transition from high school into the first year of university and how students can adjust smoothly to university life.

Creative Imaging & Design Thinking enables students to locate methods to think creatively by following Google’s “No Box” philosophy and stimulate their thought process.

Game Programming provides students with opportunities to learn to code, create a game and verse their friends.

Get A Dream Job aims to unravel the purpose in students lives by matching their core competencies to a similar job.

Cyber Safety For You teaches students how to be safe internet users.

Getting In Someone’s Heart is designed to equip students with social skills that will enable them to relate to any individual of any age group despite the student meeting unknown individuals.

These workshops are affordable and students are encouraged to attend as they are a fun way of learning.

For more information regarding these workshops go to the website at