Qur’an Diaries is an innovative and creative way of interacting with the Qur’an and applying it to our daily lives assuming that each individual holds a key to unlock another’s’ understanding of interacting with the Qur’an in a profound and meaningful way.

The program goes for 7 sessions (2.5 hours each weekly or fortnightly) and is about reflecting with Sura Baqarah in our lives using solo, paired, group activities and diary entries.

It challenges individuals to look deep and deliberate on how to proactively apply themes discussed in daily lives.

The images illustrate some of the outputs from the program that was offered in Adelaide and Brisbane in 2018. The activities in the first session include designing the shared Etiquettes of Quran Diaries which is a group agreement on how participants would work together, breaking the ice collaboration activities and reflection on sura fatiha.

Quran Diaries Etiquette

In the second session, we start with strength-based language activity and a group art activity where each group discusses and then designs an art that represents one of the four hearts discussed in verses 1-20; these reflections are then shared with the rest of the room where individuals can share any additional reflections.

Heart of the Believers

Group activity: On four hearts

The next session explores verses 21-40 with activities for deeper reflection involving paired activity what is in a name for verses 31-33, the solo activity of my tree of prohibition where each leaf represents an issue that individuals are struggling with in their lives that Allah has asked to stay away from thus pondering verse 35,

My tree of prohibition

shared reflection on the relationship between Adam and Shaitan, and reasons why is the first narrative story that of Banu Israel or people of Musa (a).

The session on verses 41-60, identify in groups, themes that emerge from these verses such as “favours bestowed on the people of Banu Israel”, “things in which they disobeyed Allah”, “chronological timeline of events”, and so on and groups choose a creative way on how they would like to present their discussions.

Banu Israel: Timeline of Events


The session on verses 61-80 requires working in groups of 3/4 where individuals would plan and execute a role-play addressing either verses 58 & 61 or verses 67-73. Groups are also assigned the task of observing another group’s performance and providing feedback about the interpretative execution of the verses in live form.

Similarly, the rest of the sessions each reflect on another lot of 20 verses each involving diary entries of reflections and crafting paired/group activities relevant to those verses designed for a deeper understanding and linking it to daily life.

Qur’an Diaries also develops a trusted social support network where individuals can safely discuss their interactions with the Qur’an.   After 7 sessions as participants, a facilitators training is offered for those who want to run their own groups. The program has been successfully offered in Adelaide and Brisbane between May to December 2018.

Any expressions of interest in Qur’an Diaries can be directed to [email protected].