Millions of dollars are spent by professional clubs and state/national bodies to scout talent.

Scouting remains largely unorganized where scouts rely on local leads and contacts with without systematic networking or database.

There is a need for a global player database and talent scouting portal connecting the sports Eco System, players, clubs, coaches, fans and sports association bodies.

Well, there is now a solution.

Player cloud is an exciting new idea to connect players with coaches. They can showcase performance and move ahead with their passion.

Player Cloud connects the entire sports ecosystem of players, clubs, scouts, coaches and sports association bodies.

For players: Provides young and budding players with a platform to exhibit their talent and reach out to mentors and professional scouts.

For scouts/clubs/ sports associations: Identify talent across various parameters – sport, geography, age-group, skill set, key expertise etc.

Social Network Platform: A portal with social networking features for players to interact, post videos, match info, do peer endorsements and self-assessment.

Player cloud is a unique platform specially catered for players with a vision to provide some direction to otherwise unstructured sports ecosystem.

Key features:
– Players and coaches profiles catered to showcasing their skill set.
– Intro video for each player to showcase their skills.
– Ability to receive endorsements for your skills.
– Real-time chat with contacts.
– Newsfeed with text, image and video sharing.

Need to know more about the app and how you can be part of this new idea?

Contact the young entrepreneur Sheikh Arsalan: [email protected]